About our Nutritious Vegetarian and Vegan mix

Eat to Live mix

What IS it?

Eat to Live’s vegan burger mix is a delicious blend of specially chosen seeds, grains and pulses. We use a specially imported grinder to grind some of the ingredients to a fine texture.This enables fast hydration, and allows the flavours to all mix and mingle into a super tasty “fast food”. Create delicious vegan burgers and falafel with the mix or a savoury crumble to top your salads, veg and soups. The focus for us is on sustainable nutrition that is animal and planet friendly, and a powerhouse of tastiness. 

How do I USE it?

Simply measure out the quantity of vegetarian vegan mix you need, hydrate it with water, add your favourite flavours for eg. garlic,chilli fresh herbs. Let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes.  Use the hydrating time to prep the rest of your meal. Shape and lightly fry until the outside is golden brown, in the oil of your choice (add more nutrition here by using Coconut or Grapeseed oil)

Shapes & sizes?

A quick guide, (but we know you’ll come up with your own uses too, and we’d love you to share your super smart ideas with us)


Falafel balls – tuck into wraps or pita breads

Teeny ball / burger shapes for snack platters, to top salads, roast veg, pasta

A crumble/sprinkle to top salads, pastas, roast veg, sandwiches, wraps, mixed into brown rice for some crunchiness, etc

Is it GOOD for me?

Um YES! apart from the fact that there are NO preservatives and NO additives, it’s also:

Wheat free

Sugar free

Dairy free

Low GI

Egg Free

Yeast Free

Soy Free


GMO Free



It’s so good on it’s own, you don’t need  to add anything at all, (we do recommend a quick grind of Himalayan salt to taste) BUT when you want to up the ante, then




in SO many ways –

1  – Add extra flavouring to the hydrating water. Some of our favourites are soy sauce, tabasco, smoke essence, HP, Worcester sauce, pesto. As you can see the list is endless.

2 – Add more yumminess to the hydrating mix like: spices, finely chopped herbs (Basil mmmm), chilli, fresh garlic, onion or any other chopped veg, like green beans, butternut, sweet potato, broccoli, you name it! (clever moms can use all their secret super mom skills here! )  It’ll be the number one bite size snack in your kids lunchbox for sure.

Does it LAST?

Yip, 6 months in the zip lock pouch or a sealed container.


You could hydrate the whole packet, and make your desired shapes – then freeze in an airtight container. Cleverly saving yourself the soaking and shaping time and when you need them, grab them out the freezer and slip into your preheated oiled pan!

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