How do I use my Free sample of Eat to live vegetarian / vegan mix

So you’ve received a Free sample from your local health store? Here’s a quick ‘how to‘ for you.

Eat to Live mix

Note:  as of 27 June your sample is packaged in a 100% biodegradable compostable packet. Please compost it.

Your sample is 1/2 a cup.

 Its enough to make 2 burgers or approx. 6/8 falafel depending on size.

Basic instructions:

* Our mix contains NO salt!  We recommend a good grind of Himalayan or sea salt or some soy sauce

– Add the sample pack of mix and 60 ml / 1/4cup water to a bowl. Add a good grind of salt, stir to mix and moisten.

– To the hydrating mix, if you choose to, add your favourite flavours for eg try: favourite herbs (fresh or dried), soy sauce, fresh garlic, chilli, spices. Small amount of finely chopped onion or other veg and leave to hydrate for 5 – 8 minutes. While the mix is hydrating heat up your pan to a medium heat.

– Shape into patties or falafel balls, add a splash of oil (preferably cold pressed) to your pan. Lightly fry on medium heat till golden on both sides. Assemble your burger or falafel as per preference.

* Another of our favourite ways to prepare the mix is a crunchy savoury topping for salad or veg, or in wraps. Simply toss your hydrated mix into the pan and fry, stir every now and again till cooked and crunchy crispy. Sprinkle over salad, steamed or roasted veg.

Delicous when mixed with chopped salad ingredients and rolled up in a wrap.

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